Public Relations

We create integrated communication strategies, aimed to satisfy your particular needs thanks to our division by industry.

Public Relations

If you need to build and/or position your brand, generate editorial content, monitor media, produce an event or solve/prevent a crisis, we can help you.

What is a communication strategy and what is it for?

It is the planning tool that globally, comprehensively and coherently systematizes the general goals, tactics, messages, actions, indicators, instruments and deadlines that the company or the brand will use to transfer its image and its message abroad.

What is media training and what is it for?

It's the preparation that executives go through to deal with the press. It is the training that is realized by a spokesman to be capable of interacting with journalists, whether in interviews, events or corporate lunches.

What is brand construction and reputation and what is it for?

It refers to the process of developing a brand or company voice to generate value and build a reputation.

What is editorial content and what is it for?

They are the articles, interviews, columns, essays, opinions generated by experts and practical advice, etc. In order to provide credibility to the brand or the company and create greater confidence in the message. Through editorial content, the reader is guided in making intelligent decisions to turn the brand into an objective source of information, in addition to stimulating the sales process. Likewise, it builds trust and promotes the consumer's involvement with the brand.

What is media monitoring and what is it for?

It is a technique through which the monitoring and filing of the media performance of a topic, a person, an organization, an advertising campaign, a brand, etc. is carried out in printed and digital media, whether regional, national or local. After all the previous, its subsequent quantitative and qualitative analysis is carried out.

What are media relationships and what are they for?

It refers to knowing the media, how to work with each one, the material production for them, complying with their style and post-lacking requirements and to attract their audiences through the public relations professional work.

What is crisis management and what is it for?

It is the assurance of a good performance of the company and its spokespersons in the event of a significant interruption of the business that probably will produce a medium to extensive coverage of the media. Through crisis management, it is sought that the information that is shared outside the company is not confused, as this would mean an affectation of the image and therefore the crisis would be maximized.