We move away from the traditional marketing to make sure that your messages will remain in your target audience, not only for what you will make them see or hear but for what you will make them feel.


What is brandig?

Process of making and building a brand through the strategic management of the total set of assets linked directly or indirectly to the name and/or symbol (logo) that identify the brand, influencing its value, both for the client and for the company that owns the brand.

What is a creative strategy and what is it for?

It establishes how to communicate what is going to be said in a commercial or advertising message, it defines what what will be said or the proposition of purchase.

What is art direction and what is it for?

It is the creative activity that designs the graphical or visual form of the communication content.

What is a 360 campaign creation and what is it for?

It is the integration of all the media available to the target for the same campaign in order to reach it through different channels.